5 Must-Have Apps if You’re Planning a DIY Travel

As a maknae or the youngest member of the group I prefer organizing our own trip. I’m incharge of the bookings, doing the itineraries and etc. Who says that age would matter in terms of organizing your perfect travel?

I am a first-time traveler and here I am doing all the stuffs. I’m putting into consideration the individual preference of my travel buddies and most specially, the budget-concious friends.

If you’re like me and if you have experienced this then you need some help. You can’t do it alone on your own!

Luckily, in this digital age of ours we have some reliable apps that can help us do our task easier and less of a hassle.

If you’re doing a DIY travel then here are the 5 must-have apps you need to download.


First thing to do when you plan to travel is to find a flight. My usual goal is to find the cheapest flight possible. In finding the cheapest flights, traveloka is my greatest friend. You can book directly from the app. You can choose from different airlines. You can see all the rates in one screen. No need to check the rates on every airline sites. You can book your departure and return flight with different airlines in one click through this app. Isn’t it nice to book in less than 5 minutes? How’s that? Easy right? No need to spend several minutes in finding the lowest fare.

You can also book hotels with traveloka. The best thing is they also provide promos for your bookings making it more cheaper than the original price.


There are several apps to download for hotel bookings but I prefer AGODA. I have tried the other apps which offers same services but I sticked with this app. Price with Agoda is cheaper than the actual rate of the hotels posted on their sites. Aside from that, you can get discounts for early bookings. They also have reviews from actual person who have booked and stayed on the hotel using AGODA. I never had any problems dealing with their hotel bookings. All is well.


A friend introduced me with this app. I said, “No I ain’t gonna download that. I prefer google maps”. Yes i prefer google maps than waze. Sometimes waze will take you to the longest route so i prefer using google maps back then. Back to Maps.me, I don’t really need to download an additional app to consume storage space on my phone.

I didn’t realize that this app is worth it. Maps.Me gives you access to location of a certain country even you don’t have a data on your mobile phone. It is also base on crowd-sourced information.

Yes my friend, you can use it offline but you need to download the country map first.

It is easy to use and self explanatory.


Klook is a one-stop shop where you can book and buy tickets for amazing travel activities.

The first time I use klook is when we went to Hong Kong for some wonderful travel experience. I booked HK Disney Land ticket for a very cheap price. Aside from the fact that it is affordable we don’t need to queue on the line to purchase our tickets.

I have also experienced their travel tour offer for a cheap rate and the tour guides were funny, accomodating and very reliable.

They have offers for limited countries but I hope that they’ll become bigger and offer great travel activities to different countries around the globe as well.

To check the deals you may visit their website here.


Most of the countries already have this mode of transportation. You may use it specially when you’re traveling with a group since you might be able to save more than any other public transportation. It is easy, hassle-free and safe. Prices were fixed as well unlike metered taxis. You can earn reward points as well from Grab. You can use the rewards to avail a discounted ride.

I have a story to tell about how UBER save us. There’s this one time when we travel outside the country. We stayed outside until midnight and there’s no other public transportation. We’re shocked that there were no buses at all. The thing is we need to get to the hotel before morning as we’re all tired and our flight would be in a few hours. Taxi is not an option as the fares were doubled during midnight and there are no available taxis that time. We don’t really know why. Luckily we have UBER. Without this app, we will be staying out or walk just to be on our destination.

Who’d possibly know that these apps might actually be life-savers? DIY travel is not that hard if you have someone to travel with you and you have apps to help you.


Thoughts of a Travel Maknae

Travel is an english word which means to go on a trip or journey.

Maknae is a Korean term which means the youngest member of the group. Most commonly used to Kpop groups.

Basically, my name describes who and what kind of person I am. I am the youngest person among my peers who loves to travel and that made me a maknae.I love KPOP and I love to travel. I believe that Travel Maknae best suits me. Haha. I’m claiming it.

My ultimate dream is to be able to travel around the world and to meet Park Bo Gum oppa! Hope that I’ll be able to achieve that soon.

I have tons of items on my bucketlist and traveling is almost half of it.

By the way, I’m a girl, fangirl, a fiction writer and a yuppie.

The reason why I put up this travel blog is because I want to help young individuals, newbie travelers or starters like me to travel in the most convenient way by providing insights, informations, reviews, tips, do’s and don’ts, itineraries and advices about traveling. I also want to fulfill my dream, to be a writer.

I once struggled when I was about to travel and couldn’t find an information about a specific thing. Most specifically in finding the best way to go into a certain place. It is hard specially for a first-time traveler who don’t know the place. So I said to myself, I should put up a blog and let people know it online without a hassle.

But ofcourse, I will only post something that I have experienced not something that I’ve researched.

Experience is the best teacher right? I also don’t want to recommend something to other people if I didn’t experience it first.

Here are some items that you’ll be looking forward into my blog:

  • Do’s and Don’t s when traveling
  • Travel must-haves
  • Best itineraries (Most specially in the Philippines)
  • Food and Hotel Reviews
  • How to’s
  • Travel tips

I will not limit myself into the mentioned topics. The sky is the limit.

Should you have anything that you want me to blog or to share with you please comment down or send me an email. I will work on it.

I am hoping that we will be together in this journey.

Let’s travel together!

Yuppies hooray!